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Ambassador alert: Jonathan!

by Bad Wear Day on February 20, 2020

Next up in our line of amazing ambassadors is the wonderful Jonathan, let's get to know him a little more shall we?


BWD: Who are ya and what's your vibe?

Jonathan: Hi I am Jonathan. I am a jeweller designer and maker who loves to read and workout. I can usually be found in my little studio making jewellery and listening to golden oldies. Think Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and The Kinks. And if you want something a bit more recent, please give Lykke Li, Belle and Sebastian and Borns a listen. This is the soundtrack of my life. I also volunteer with the Angels of Freedom. We are an inclusive LGBTQ+ group who you will see every Friday night in the Freedom Quarter of Leeds offering a friendly face (and sweets!) to anyone enjoying a night out, as well as letting people know about inclusive events across Leeds. More details can be found on our facebook group 'Angels of Freedom Leeds'.

BWD: What's your most random hobby/interest?

Jonathan: When I am not in the studio, I am in the gym. And when I am not in the gym I am making YouTube videos with my fiancé Tom. Our channel is called Jonathan and Tom (I promise the content is more creative than the name!)

BWD: What does the LGBTQA+ community mean to you?

Jonathan: The LGBTQIA+ Community, to me, is about open mindedness and compassion. It's why we have so many letters in our acronym and so many colours in our rainbow; because we love to celebrate everyone. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the Queer community can be pretty shady at times, but you've got to take that with a pinch of salt. I reckon this community is pretty compassionate to one another really, we are such a varied bunch so there is no reason why we can't all be ourselves and celebrate our differences as well as our similarities.


BWD: If you could make one change in the world, what would it be?

Jonathan:If I could make one change in the world it would be to completely separate gender and sex. I want everyone to adhere to their own gender roles and stop identifying things as either feminine or masculine. I feel like Bad Wear Day share this sentiment which is why I love them so much.

BWD: Bonus: What's your fave BWD design?

Jonathan:My favourite design? I'm not very good with rules so I'm going to pick two. It's got to be simultaneously Femme and Daddy, I find it ironic and kind of charming that we use these words in the Queer community to play with gender roles.

BWD: We absolutely love you in your daddy tee and totally agree - playing with such words is super fun!

Do yourselves a favour and go follow this beautiful man on Instagram, show him some love!