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Ambassador alert: Stacie!

by Bad Wear Day on February 06, 2020

Time for round two of meeting our ambassadors, we present to you our fabulous mermaid queen, Stacie :)


BWD: Who are ya and what's your vibe?

Stacie: So I'm Stacie, aka Mermaid.on.sea I'm a retro loving, costume wearing, lingerie loving girlie from Essex. I'm a huge fan of drag race, as are my two kids. I work for a retro boutique and we are proud to be a hub and safe space for the LGBTQA+ community.

BWD: What's your most random hobby/interest?

Stacie: Serial killer podcasts/documentaries/films. Honestly I can really get my teeth into a gritty true crime story line. Other than that I'm a bit of a make up lover and enjoy experimenting with different looks.

BWD: What does the LGBTQA+ community mean to you?


Stacie: I've always been surrounded by people in the LGBTQA community. Whether that has been family or friends. I'm actually maid of dishonour this year when my best friend marries the woman of her dreams 💕 I think it's so important that LGBTQA+ history is taught to children, my own have a fantastic understanding and quite happily challenge their peers when people are crass. As an ally I think it's important that I stand beside my loved ones and fight the fight. I don't want my children to one day deal with the stigmas that my friends and family have had to deal with for so long. Also the retro boutique I work in has an open door policy. If you're transitioning, finding yourself or know exactly who you are, I am always on hand to help pick out the best outfits to make you look sickening!!


BWD: Who is your favourite local performer?

Stacie: Well, whilst she isn't particularly local I'm a huge lover of Bunny Galore. She's a friend that I met through work. She's got that old B movie spook about her and I love everything she does.

BWD: If you could make one change in the world, what would it be?

Stacie: World peace! Na, actually I'd miss the shady parts. I'd definitely just wipe out inequality and unacceptance! There's no space for it. I don't want to keep hearing tired excuses for people to dislike someone different to them. More compassion and understanding is required.

BWD: Bonus: What's your fave BWD design?

Stacie: It's hard to pick, I love that me and my two kids have matching BWD pride tees but my absolute favourite is BIG HIPS SINK SHIPS! After all, I'm a mermaid. Hot sailors in the water. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Yasssssss With love Stacie 💋🧜🏻‍♀️


BWD: Definitely the most suitable choice and you look stunning of course. Thank you baby <3

You can find out lovely mermaid on Instagram to see sassy pics, fabulous fashion and of course, bag yourself a 10% discount for good measure!