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Period poverty can do one!

by Bad Wear Day on October 15, 2019

Greetings fellow humans, weirdos, mythical creatures and all those in between!

Though the brand is currently ran by two men, we are absolutely no strangers to supporting the fabulous ladies in our life and think it's about time we shone some light on a wonderful local charity who are sticking up a big middle finger to a struggle more real than a hangover - periods.

We had to chance to speak with one of the gorgeous gals behind the charity to get a little insight on NEflow, here's what she had to say!


NEFlow is a period poverty charity that was set up in the North East of England by six young women whilst still studying in Sixth Form. It started off as a small venture where we distributed reusable bags filled with pads, tampons and other hygiene essentials to homeless shelters in South Tyneside for women to use monthly. Our main aim was to end the stigma around periods and join the fight to combat period poverty across the UK. 2 years on, we have expanded our charity and we are gaining nationwide attention with the help from TSB Local Pride, Global Radio and BBC Newcastle. We have donated boxes and bags to youth centres, schools, refugee centres and homeless shelters within Country Durham, Northumbria and Tyneside. Recently we went to Drag World in London to put pads and tampons in their toilets so no one at the convention could go without. This was also a fantastic opportunity for us to express how it isn’t just women who get periods and have since started to use more gender neutral language in our campaigns to open the conversation and encourage others to do that same.


That's absolutely amazing, there's definitely been quiet a stigma when it comes to period talk (among other things) and it's time people accepted that it's a natural occurrence that shouldn't be silenced and most certainly shouldn't be taxed as a luxury! It's incredible to hear about the building support and we do hope this continues and builds over time. We actually met you at Drag World ourselves and not only were you discussing a great cause, but you were so friendly, open and educated too. Do you have any plans for the future?


Just like our collaboration with Drag World UK, we would love to keep expanding our charity and start donating across the UK and not just in the north east. We’d love to continue to join forces with like minded people and take our work globally so that we can make sure that period products are freely available to every gender in every public space. We also hope to work with Drag World again next year and other similar conventions


Fully expecting to see you at Drag World again next year, count us in for helping spread the word too. We do hope more people get behind the cause and allow this to gradually spread nationwide and potentially even further too with a little luck. For those who are just hearing about you for the first time, where can we find you on social media?


You can find NEflow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, feel free to DM us with any questions or if you'd like to help support the cause.


Thanks so much Erin! We fully encourage everyone to give these incredible ladies a follow using the links below and support them as much as possible.

Team BWD xo

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