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Wether you love them or hate them Jeffree Star is definitely a leader in the makeup industry with every release selling out within minutes, as a make-up lover myself I’ve definitely caught Jeffree Star fever so like the rest of the beauty community I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the reveal of his brand new ‘Cremated’ palette. The palette itself has definitely divided opinion with some ecstatic that the Jeffree Star brand has finally dialled it down and released a true neutrals palette and some furious that palette is, for lack of a better word, beige. Personally I’d buy a bin bag if it had the Jeffree Star logo on, but that doesn’t mean I’ve loved all his products so I thought now was a better time than any to rank all eleven Jeffree Star palettes! 

Number 11: Beauty Killer

In last place for me is the iconic Beauty Killer palette, this was the first venture into eyeshadow for the Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand, and whilst at the time it was the hype was real this palette just hasn’t aged well. With the advances the brand has made with its formula, packaging and branding Beauty Killer really has been left in the past. The quality of shadow just isn’t what we’ve come to expect from JSC and the colour story is confused and boring for today’s consumer. 

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette: Photo Credit:
The OG, Beauty Killer Palette Photo Credit:

Number 10: Mini Breaker 

For me the companion to the Jawbreaker palette falls in at number eleven. This was the first attempt of doing a “mini” palette for the brand, and while the idea of doing a smaller selection of eyeshadow for a lower price point is a great idea for the customer the execution was less than desirable. I don’t know if it’s just a personal thing but when I buy a palette I expect to be able to use it to make more than one look and I find with this purple dominated mini I’m restricted to the use of it, as a companion piece this works but on it’s own it does not stand up to the competition.

Number 9: Androgyny 

Jeffree’s second palette attempt does fall under the same curse as Beauty Killer in that the formula just doesn’t compare to the current JSC standard, the colour story is more appealing than Beauty Killer however with some solid shades that have really stood the test of time. In particular the amazing cool brown shade “Safe Word” that I regularly dip it too as a contour shade, and thanks to the generous pan size of these early palettes the colours are so easy to use all over the face. 

Number 8: Blue Blood 

Okay so this one is personal, it’s not any fault of the palette, it’s not any fault of the brand, I just have a very testy relationship with blue shadows. Credit where credit is due making blue shadows is difficult and i cannot fault the formula and as always with the ‘blood saga’ the packaging is to die for. The neutrals in this palette are incredible and I do reach for them often, I just can’t get over the blue! 

Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette. Photo Credit:
Feeling Blue with Blue Blood Photo Credit:

Number 7: Alien 

Let’s start with the major positive from this collection; the promo shoot! Lipstick Nick (Jeffree’s makeup artist for every campaign” absolutely KILLED IT, the prosthetic alien head is the stuff makeup dreams are made for, the palette on the other hand just wasn’t for me. I love a green shadow but if you remove those from the palette you’re left with a dull cool toned selection that just isn’t worth reaching for, this could have been so much better. 

Number 6: Blood Lust 

The most recent release for the brand really changed the game in terms of packaging, a purple velvet hexagonal trunk with jewellery box clasp? Yes fucking please! My problem lies in the colour selection, I was excited when I found this was going to be an all purple palette, like blues purples are incredibly difficult to make and I knew that JSC would knock it out the park. Unfortunately the selection of purple’s left a lot to be desired the selection is mostly pastel and it really lacked the richness of deep purple shades. I do have to give a massive shout out too the new metallic formula in this palette though, absolutely UNREAL. Check out the reveal below!

Number 5: Mini Controversy 

This mini came from the iconic Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star collaboration, part of the massive 2019 moment that really did break the internet. This companion piece is the perfect mini palette, the packaging is stunning, the palette has great versatility allowing multiple looks from the small selection of 9 shadows, this palette would be higher on the list had it contained the iconic “Put It Back” shade made infamous when it was removed from the main conspiracy palette in the companion documentary! But fear not, the re-release will feature the shade and is due to drop later this year!

Number 4: Thirsty 

This Jeffree Star Cosmetics summer collection was a turning point for the brand, the glitter formula was something we’d never seen before was so delicate it couldn’t be pressed with the iconic Jeffree Star logo in the pan. That tied with what is a true summer colour scheme it really did make waves in it’s release year, unfortunately this palette has been discontinued so I don’t want to big it up too much as you’ll not be able to get your hands on it, but if you’re one of the lucky few with this in your makeup collection continue to turn out some stunning summer looks. 

Number 3: Jawbreaker

Definitely the most colourful of the Jeffree Star catalogue I’ve probably used the palette more than any other, the incredible scope this palette gives your looks is unparalleled and if you’re a fan of colour you need this in your collection. The formula is incredible and the shape and size of the packaging makes it the perfect travel palette, it boasts fun neon shades like “f**k” and bold metallic shades perfect for those cut crease lovers out there! Jeffree’s new palette (launching this month) is quoted as being the complete opposite of this iconic palette. 

Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Palette. Photo Credit:
Colourful Vibes with the Jawbreaker Palette. Photo Credit:

Number 2: Blood Sugar 

Okay, I just need to say this, I’m a slut for red eyeshadow. I wanted to get my hands on this palette from the second it was revealed, there is something about red eyeshadow that perfectly meshes the two aspects of my personality, goth and glam. This palette started the iconic blood saga and changed the game with it’s unique trunk style packaging, I understand that this palette might not be for everyone but if you’re a red eyeshadow whore like I am this is a complete must have! 

Number 1: Conspiracy 

How could I not put this palette at number one? When Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star embarked on their epic docu-series chronicling the production of an eyeshadow palette from start to finish even they wouldn’t have suspected how much this would take over the world! The release of the collection broke countless records and made the duo an estimated $30 million between them. The palette itself is actually incredibly unique but still very wearable with an even 3 way split between neutrals, unusual colours and classic glam. Shades like “Diet Root Beer” and “Tanacon” are the perfect nudes for every day wear, whilst shades like “Food Videos” and “Sleep Paralysis” favour those who are a little more daring! I have to give credit to all of those involved in the creation of this entire series and I personally was fascinated by the inside look into the make-up industry and I’m grateful that we, as fans, were able to keep a piece of it for ourselves in the form of this palette. 

Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette Photo Credit:
The Iconic Conspiracy Palette, Photo Credit:

All in all there’s parts of every palette I love and I wouldn’t say any of these palettes are bad, but everyone’s got favourites right? 


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